Joint and crack cutter FRS 260

Umpteen jobs – one machine!

Joint and crack cutter FRS 260
  • Cuts wet or dry and flush with the wall regardless of whether the joint is to the left or right of the machine
  • Screed, concrete, asphalt and general construction site materials
  • Cutting depth up to 80 mm
  • Trims joints
  • Ammeter for overload check
  • Three dust guard models *)
  • Compact pack size

*) the standard guard for dry cutting is included in the scope of delivery. The dust extraction guards for wet work and for widening cracks are available as special accessories.

Technical Data
Voltage 230 V
Speed 6500 rpm
Power 2.8 kW
Cutting depth 80 mm max.
Cutting disc Ø 150 - 260 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.


The joint and crack cutter FRS 260 is a cleverly simple all-rounder of reliable FRÜH quality. The operator stands in an upright position to use this extremely versatile machine, the height of which can be adjusted depending on the job to be completed.

The fitted ammeter monitors performance and like the emergency-stop button is located in view on the guide handle. The control box, ammeter and crossbar for steering are clearly arran- ged and can be mounted either on the right or left of the machine.

The cutting depth of the cutting wheel is set using the spindle wheel. Use the scale on the motor to set the zero point and read off the cutting depth. The depth control stop, available as a special accessory, guarantees a consistent cutting depth (important for bevelling and trimming edges).


Scope of delivery:
machine complete with ammeter and standard dust extraction guard.

FRS 260 reduced to pack size for transportation

The pack size of the FRS 260 can be reduced to a minimum 68 x 42 x 37 cm for transportation even in a passenger car.

Equipment and special accessories joint and crack cutter FRS 260

Cutting joints

Cuts joints in surfaces to avoid the formation of cracks.


Joints are flush with the wall

Joints are flush with the wall. Only the thickness of the guard – 2 mm – separates any joint from the wall.

Joints up to 15 mm

Joints measuring up to 15 mm across are possible with only one cut.

Application: Joint and crack cutter FRS 260




Cutting grooves

Grooves can be cut using two cutting discs that can be mounted up to 30 mm apart.


Chamfer and cutting discs mounted together

Chamfer and cutting discs can be mounted together so that joints can be cut and chamfered on one or both sides simultaneously.

Special accessories for widening cracks

Special accessories for widening cracks