Planing machine EFS 2000 E4

Glättmaschine EFS 2000 E4
Technical Data
Drive Universal motor
with 4 step gears
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Power 1150 Watt
Fuse 10 A (time-lag)
Speed up to 385 rpm,
infinitely adjustable
Weight 20 kg with guide handle, without accessories
Ø machine 400 mm
Ø tool 400 - 500 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.
  • For planing screed and precast concrete
  • For grinding screed with paper, stone, diamond tools
  • Speed infinitely adjustable
    up to 385 rpm
  • 4 step gears
  • Slip clutch
  • Carrying handle – can be positioned in front of the motor or behind it

This easy-to-handle, single disc planing machine can be used and transported by one person without problem.


The EFS 2000 E4 is used for the most part to plane screed or precast concrete.

However the machine can be used for a variety of tasks simply by attaching different tool plates such as: trowel disc, grinding plate for paper or carbide grit discs, corundum grinding discs, also various brushes depending on what is required or the composition of the sub-flooring.