Dust pre-separator

for large amounts of dust and coarse particles

Dust pre-separator

The cyclone pre-separator is used, for example, when a job causes the development of large amounts of dust or when coarse, loose particles must be removed.


It can be used in conjunction with all common industrial dust extractors and is of particular advantage when the extractor has a reduced collection capacity and the power is 1200 w or more.

Its dimensions are 101 x 44 x 37 cm.


The cyclone pre-separator reduces the load on the dust extraction system's filter and transports the removed grime and dust directly into 50l plastic sacks.


  • The load on the dust extractor's filter is minimized
  • Reasonably priced plastic sacks have replaced expensive filter bags
  • More efficient work performance as work must not be interrupted as often to empty the dust collector
  • No dust development during dust disposal as the dust need not be transferred from one receptacle to another


Disposal of dust


To dispose of dust simply remove the lid, seal the plastic collection sack, tip the barrel backwards onto the frame and pull out the sack.