Ronda industrial dust extractors

Easy-to-use construction-site dust extractor for the finest dusts

Ronda industrial dust extractors

Robust, easy-to-use industrial dust extractor in various sizes and capacities for dry dust extraction. With a unique filter system.

  • Teflon-coated tube filter
  • Additional external cleaning using pressure relief flap with air impulse
  • BIA-tested HEPA filter,
    dust class H-approved
  • Low noise level
  • Collection system both environ­mentally and user-friendly.
    Emptied from underneath.


Exclusively from FRÜH:

  • metal air duct
  • dust collector with metal casters
  • Ronda 200 H Green Tech: with filter safety bar

Standard equipment

  • Pressure relief flap for manual cleaning of the filter with air impulse
  • Long-term dust filter protection
  • Gas-pressurised spring for trolley frame
  • Dust collection in a plastic bag and/or container possible
  • Teflon-coated tube filter
  • Vacuum gauge and acoustic signal for filter cleaning
  • DOP/BIA tested HEPA filter

Standard accessories

  • Anti-static plastic hose with coupling
  • Metal extraction tube
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Dusting brush
  • Floor nozzle with brush and rollers


Standard equipment Ronda industrial dust extractor

Technical Data
  Ronda 200 Ronda 1200 Ronda 3000
Power 1100 Watt 1100 Watt 3 x 1000 Watt
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC   230 V / 50 Hz AC   230 V / 50 Hz AC  
Max. air volume 54 l/sec 54 l/sec 159 l/sec
Max. vacuum 2550 mm/H²O 2550 mm/H²O 2100 mm/H²O
Collection capacity 16 l 22 l 43 l
Height 79.5 cm 114 cm 130 cm
Weight 15 kg 30 kg 53 kg
Start/stop function yes yes
Class H-approved  yes yes yes
Trolley frame —  yes yes
Static electricity
yes yes yes
Power socket 2000 Watt 2000 Watt
Subject to technical changes without notice.


The unique RONDA filter system

Unmatched: self-cleaning Teflon channel filters separate 99.9 % of the dust directly into the collection tank. 99.995 % of the remaining particles of fine dust are separated by the Hepa filter located above. Both filters are robust and durable! The Teflon channel filters are not only cleaned auto­mati­cally, they can also be cleaned effec­tively by a manually triggered air impulse. This provides for constant suction power.


The HEPA filter which, in general, is suitable for the finest dusts is BIA tested and also approved for hazardous H-classified dusts.

The practical collection system collects the dust directly in the easily accessible collection tank. Expensive filter bags and sacks are therefore superfluous (except for dusts hazardous to health) and it means that dust can be removed in a rollable container.


Unmatched filter system

   No collection sacks
+ long life-cycle for filters (up to 3 years)
= low maintenance costs


Hepa filter

Hepa filter


Channel filter

Channel filter