Uncomplicated: the EFS 190 grinding machine

Grinding machine EFS 190
Technical Data
Motor asynchronous motor
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Power 1.1 kW
Speed 190 rpm
Weight 38 kg
Height gear unit: 110 mm
motor: 360 mm
Protection class I in accordance with VDE
(only suitable for dry rooms)
Ø machine 440 mm
Ø tool 400 mm
length: 110 cm
width: 45 cm
Scope of delivery: machine complete with chassis, guide handle, 15 m tear-resistant PU safety cable, dust extraction outlet
Subject to technical changes without notice.

This single disc universal machine with chassis is simple to use, robust and easy to transport. The infinitely variable guide handle with chassis can be adjusted to the height of any operator in seconds. The machine is easy to guide and the discs and brushes can be exchanged quickly thanks to a quick coupling. With dust extraction for dust-free work.


The special advantages:

Excess-current circuit-breaker

Star screw for removing the chassis from the machine

Carrying handles

Smooth-running chassis

Protective rubber ring on the motor and machine housing

Outlet for direct dust extraction

Double strain relief

15 m tear-resistant cable

Infinitely variable guide handle

Maintenance-free, long-life belt drive

A whole range of uses in the following areas of application e.g.:

  • For grinding and keying screed
  • For polishing and intermediate sanding of cork and parquet
  • For keying filler and anhydride self-levelling screed
  • For removing the remains of surface coatings
Tools and accessories EFS 190

A selection of available tool plates:

Milling plate

Milling plate with solid carbide cutters WCT for the removal of stubborn filler or adhesive residue, etc.

Drive plate with hook and loop surface

Drive plate with hook and loop surface for various pad discs and sanding screens.

Velcro backed drive plate

Velcro backed drive plate, Ø 400 mm, for flexible diamond grinding tools, e.g. Turtle EVP or Turtle MDF.

Grinding plate with flexible base

Grinding plate with flexible base for double-sided sand paper and carbide grinding discs

Schleifring 16 Korn

Grinding ring, 16 grit:

for grinding coarse screed and concrete surfaces.


Multiorbiter with 3 or 5 hook and loop-backed plates for flexible grinding discs, Ø 125 mm


Diamond drive plate buffered

Diamond drive plate buffered, Ø 400 mm, for various tools, e.g. 3 diamond grinding discs, Ø 125 mm for large surface coarse grinding of screed, concrete, etc.

Diamond drive plate buffered

Diamond drive plate buffered, Ø 400 mm, for various tools; e.g. 6 trape­zium-shaped diamond tools for coarse sanding of screed, concrete, etc.

Diamond drive plate, buffered

Diamond drive plate, buffered, Ø 400 mm, for various tools, e.g. 6 PCD trapezium-shaped tools, DFS 2 QS for removing filler and adhesive to a thickness of 3 mm.

Special accessories: (not included in the standard scope of delivery)

Dust protection ring

Dust protection ring: When used in conjunction with an industrial dust extractor, the dust protection ring ensures that work is almost dust-free. Stainless steel ring with exchangeable clip-on brush.



For cleaning, water proofing, oiling, filling in pores. The dosage lever is located within reach of the handles. The liquid is fed into the centre of the rotating tool plate ensuring even application from the centre outwards without splashing. The tank has a capacity of approx. 12 l and is available as an add-on kit.