Easy to manage: The EFS 260

for small surfaces up to 60 m² in housing construction,
particularly for refurbishments

Easy to manage grinding machine EFS 260
Technical Data
Voltage 230 V
Power 1.8 kW
Speed 1400 rpm
Ø sucction house 50 mm/38 mm
Ø tool 260 mm
Fuse 12 A
(low starting current)
Weight 50 kg
Grinding pressure approx. 26 kg
Subject to technical changes without notice.


Scope of delivery: Machine complete with 15 m cable and diamond milling disc DFS-2QS/R or Roto milling plate, WCT


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  • High speed single disc machine Ø 260 mm
  • Flexible suspension
  • Smooth manoeuvrability, mounted on a robust chassis
  • Wide range of tools available
  • Special accessories: stair-climber for transporting machinery to upper floors
  • Various tool discs all simple to assemble
  • Double sealed, flexible dust guard for optimum dust extraction
  • Two dimensionally buffered tool disc
  • The propeller design of the base plate supports the removal of dust at the tool


Tools changed fast and simply

Tools changed fast and simply



Areas of application

  • Grinding screed, concrete, coatings etc. with diamond grinding tools
  • Removal of filler, coatings and tile adhesive with PCD and carbide milling tools
  • Keying/smoothing coatings (e.g. acrylics, epoxy, polyurethan) etc. with diamond rasping tools
  • Removal of thin layers of adhesive on filler


Tools and accessories EFS 260

Diamond grinding segment plateDiamond grinding segment plate for various trapezium-shaped segment types for grinding, for example, screed, concrete, paint coatings etc.

Diamond grinding plateDiamond grinding plate with rigid diamond cup wheels for a fine surface structure result.

Diamond roto-grinding discDiamond roto-grinding disc for keying filler or finishing. Very efficient on level surfaces.

Roto-milling plate WCTRoto-milling plate WCT for soft to medium hard sub-flooring in 2 models: broad for adhesive, filler or tile adhesive, or narrow for thin layers of adhesive and pain

Diamond milling segment plate (PCD)Diamond milling segment plate (PCD) with trapezium-shaped segment tool DFS-1HS/R for removing adhesive, filler, etc.




Special accessory – stair climber:

Any individual can easily transport the machine to upper floors using this aid. The "tri-star climbers" are simply mounted onto the left-hand and right-hand hub and secured with a magnet.

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