Hand-held polisher HPM 125

Hand-held polisher HPM 125
Technical data
Motor Universal motor
Power 1400 Watt
Voltage 230 V/50 AC
Speed 2000 - 6800 rpm,
infinitely variable
Weight 2.8 kg
Protection Class II insulated
Ø tool 125 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.


Handpoliermaschine HPM 125 Systainer

Scope of delivery: Machine with base plate and operating tools. Complete set supplied in a practical transport systainer.

The HPM 125 is an easy to handle, lightweight polisher for dry polishing concrete, screed and mineral surfaces (filler).

It is especially suitable for small surfaces, difficult to access areas and edge work. The machine is equipped with a dust extraction hood fitted with a brush ring which is adjustable in height and a removable segment for an up-to-the-edge finish.


Tools and accessories HPM 125

Grinding discs


Grinding discs

Grinding discs Ø 125 mm
Resin and metal bonded diamond grinding discs Ø 125 mm with a Velcro backing for polishing on even surfaces such as concrete, screed etc. Available in various grit sizes - mesh 30 to 10.000. The Velcro backing on each disc is coloured according to the grit size.

Aluminium base plate with a Velcro pad

Aluminium base plate with a Velcro pad for use with all Velcro-backed grinding discs Ø 125 mm. It is simply screwed onto the shaft, the Velcro pad is exchangeable.


Diamond cup wheel Turbo Ø 125 mmDiamond cup wheel Turbo Ø 125 mm in various grit sizes. For the coarse, medium and fine grinding of extremely hard materials such as screed /concrete with floor hardeners, natural stone, stoneware etc.