Diamond grinder HSM 125

Extremely strong for diamond grinding and PCD work!

Diamond grinder HSM 125
Technical Data
Voltage 230 Volt
Power 1400 Watt
Speed 4000 - 9000 rpm
Protection class II
Weight approx. 3.6 kg
Subject to technical changes without notice.

Hand-held grinder HSM 125 in a transport systainerScope of delivery: Machine with universal diamond grinding cup wheel, operating tools, complete in a transport systainer
Part no. 023.410

Also available as a set including the PCD cup wheel DFT-125
Part no. 023.420

The hand-held grinder, HSM 125, is small, lightweight and easy-to-use. At the same time it is so high-powered that it can be used for scabbling/scarifying work with polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD).

Particular advantages:

  • The brush ring which can be adjusted in height is designed so that perfect up-to-the-edge work is possible.
  • Speed is infinitely adjustable within a range of 4.000 to 9.000 rpm, allowing the machine to adapt perfectly to the material being treated.
  • When connected to an industrial dust extractor, work with the machine is of course almost dustfree (dust extraction for hose Ø 38 mm).
  • In addition, various diamond tools are available.

Tools and accessories HSM 125

PCD cup wheel Ø 125 mm DFT-125, BLACK

PCD cup wheel Ø 125 mm
DFT-125, BLACK, Part no. 223.500
with 5 PCD-segments, for the removal of stubborn adhesives (PU, bitumen, synthetic resin, dispersion, tile and powder adhesives), filler, paint, feltpaper, plaster

PCD ring wearing part
DFR-125 BLACK, Part no. 223.510

DIAMOND-scabbling head SHARP Ø 125 mm DFT-125 S, RED

DIAMOND-scabbling head SHARP Ø 125 mm
DFT-125 S, RED, Part no. 223.501
with 5 PCD peaked segments, for the removal of fibrous web backing, coatings, road markings, thin PVC surfaces

PCD ring wearing part
DFR-125 RED, Part no. 223.511

DIAMOND-scabbling head Ø 125 mm DFT-125-10, ORANGE

DIAMOND-scabbling head Ø 125 mm DFT-125-10, ORANGE, Part no. 223.503 with 10 PCD-segments for removal of thin layers of adhesive or filler, as well as paint and road markings

PCD ring wearing part
DFR-125 ORANGE, Part no. 223.514

DIAMOND-grinding cup wheel Standard DT-125-MBT-C

DIAMOND-grinding cup wheel Standard
DT-125-MBT-C, segmentheight 6,5 mm double row, GOLD, Part no. 229.123

long tool life, good cutting performance for grinding concrete


DIAMOND-rasping cup wheel DRT-125, BROWN

DIAMOND-rasping cup wheel
DRT-125, BROWN, Part no. 223.253

for removing thin layers of adhesive, for removing layers of paint, keying and removing coatings, such as acrylic, epoxy, PU etc. No damage of the ground.

DIAMOND-grinding cup wheel Standard  DT-125-MBT-A, segmentheight 6,5mm double row, BLUEDIAMOND-grinding cup wheel Standard

DT-125-MBT-A, segmentheight 6,5 mm double row, BLUE, Part no. 226.210

long tool life, good cutting performance for grinding abrasive screeds


Replacement-brush ring completeReplacement-brush ring complete Part no. 323.422

Replacement-brush ring segment Part no. 323.436

DIAMOND-grinding cup wheel TURBO, GREEN

DIAMOND-grinding cup wheel TURBO, GREEN for extremly hard concrete, very soft bond

DT-125-TURBO-16/20 Part no. 223.231 for grinding of extremly hard materials such as screed/concrete with floor hardeners, natural stone, stoneware

DT-125-TURBO-30/40 Part no. 223.232

Grain 30/40 coarse grinding

DT-125-TURBO-60/80 Part no. 223.233

Grain 60/80 medium grinding

DT-125-TURBO-120/140 Part no. 223.234

Grain 120/140 fine grinding