Power trowel EFS 2090 E

for planing epoxy resin surfaces and screeds

Glättmaschine EFS 2090
Technical Data
Motor universal motor
Power 1100 w
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Weight 20 - 90 rpm, infinitely variable
Gewicht 34,5 kg plus 2 add-on weights – 2,75 kg each
Protection Class I
Ø Maschine 440 mm
Ø Tool 820 mm
Scope of supply: machine complete with trowel disc, 15 m extremely wear-resistant PU safety cable, add-on weights, safety ring, stainless steel tray, assembly tools in a roll-up bag
Subject to technical changes without notice.

A lightweight planing machine designed especially for planing colorquartz surfaces, mortar floors and similar reactive resin surfaces.


This power trowel with adjustable planing blades, safety ring and infinitely adjustable speed control is extremely lightweight. Additional weights are included in the scope of supply.


The extra long, infinitely variable guide handle (140 cm) can be adjusted to any required length. This easy-to-handle machine is simple to transport as the guide handle can be removed completely. A stainless steel safety tray protects both the trowel disc and the safety ring during transit. The tray can also be used as a cleaning tray when the trowel disc is cleaned during work breaks.


The 5 planing blades can be adjusted to perfectly suit resin (bonding agent), the grading curve, surface depth and temperature. Planing blades made of a special hard-wearing plastic (4mm and 6 mm) or of hardened steel are available, depending on the task in hand. Thanks to a tool diameter of 820 mm large surfaces can also be planed in a very short time. The safety ring allows the operator to plane surfaces almost up to the edge - only a 1 mm strip remains unfinished.


Thanks to an extremely lightweight machine, an infinitely variable speed control of between 20 and 90 rpm and a choice of planing blades thin surfaces of between 3 - 4 mm can be planed. The angle of the blades can be adjusted exactly using a centrally positioned adjusting key. When required simply increase the machine's weight by using 1 or 2 additional weights (2.75kg each).


Assembly tools in a roll-up bag

Assembly tools in a roll-up bag


Power trowel EFS 2090 E in action

The extra long guide handle is infinitely adjustable to the height of each individual operator. The radius of action is large thanks to a tool diameter of 820 mm.


During transportation the trowel disc is secured with a bow

During transportation the trowel disc is secured with a bow.