Chisel Stripper MSK 900

Electric chisel with chassis

Electric chisel with chassis MSK 900

Electric Chisel in action

Peeling off shear-elastic bonded parquet and laminate

Electric Chisel in action

Removal of presskies

Technical Data
Voltage 230 V
Power consumption 1.6 kW
Hammer rate
under load
975 - 1950 rpm
Single blow energy 7 - 27 j
Hammer weight 11 kg
Total weight 50 kg
Subject to technical changes without notice.


Scope of delivery:

Chipping hammer with transport case, 15 m cable, additional handle, bolt chisel 75 mm, mounted on a chassis.



A special systainer (not included in the scope of delivery) is available for the safe storage and transportation of all accessories.


Space-saving transport

Space saving transport


  • Comfortable upright working posture
  • Vibration-damped handlebars
  • Adjustable height
  • Various scraping and chisel tools available


Areas of application

  • Peeling off shear-elastic bonded parquet and laminate
  • Removal of tiles
  • Removal of presskies
  • Can also be used as a hand-operated chipping hammer

The chisel's angle of application can be adjusted depending on the job and the tool used. The adjustment is made easily and quickly using the notched adjustment lock without the use of a tool.


The guide handle is adjusted just as easily, in order to adapt it to the height of the operator for example, to go under obstacles or to save space when transporting the machine in a vehicle.


If necessary the chipping hammer can be used without the chassis.

Tools and accessories for the chisel stripper MSK 900

There are various tools available for the chisel stripper MSK 900
so that it is capable of completing a range of very different tasks:

Standard equipment: Tools

The standard equipment comprises a bolster chisel (1) for the removal of tiles etc. The scraper holder, usable on both sides, is also available with a flat scraper blade (2), or with an angled scraper blade (3).

Rotating chisel holder


The rotating chisel holder with a flat scraper blade is used to remove elastic bonded parquet such as mosaic or industrial parquet as well as 2-layer prefinished flooring especially with HDF boarding.


In this case the scraper blade lies flat to the surface to prevent it and cannot cant.


MSK 900 in action

Fixed scraper holder


The fixed scraper holder with an angled scraper blade peels off elastic bonded parquet – such as solid wood elements or 3-layer prefinished flooring.