FEIN Supercut FSC 2.0 Q

for edge and corner work

FEIN Supercut FSC 2.0 Q
Technical Data
Voltage 230 Volt
Power 400 Watt
Oscillation 11000 - 18500 rpm
infinitely variable
Weight approx. 1.3 kg
Cable 5 m with plug
Subject to technical changes without notice.

The Fein FSC 2.0 Q is just the thing for work on difficult to access surfaces and perfect for a diverse range of tasks: sanding in tight spaces and corners, removing permanently elastic joints and cutting into surfaces at the edge or close to walls, etc.

This powerful machine works at high speeds in all areas of application like sanding, grinding, polishing or cutting. The various tools can be changed easily and fast thanks to the quick fastener.

The machine is delivered in a tool case.


Tools and accessories FSC 2.0 Q

Diamant-SchleifdreieckDiamond sanding triangle for sanding/grinding corners on mineral and plastic surfaces etc.
art. no. 229.401 coarse (K 30/35)

Support base – Velcro fastenerSupport base – Velcro fastener
for diamond sanding triangle and paper sanding triangle.
art. no. 125.020

Replacement velcro
art. no. 381.301

Diamond triangle

Diamond triangle, metal bond, with Velcro fastener for wet and dry sanding

art. no. 229.111  K 60 green

art. no. 229.110  K 120 black

art. no. 229.112  K 200 red

art. no. 229.113  K 400 yellow

Further on request.

Adapter for diamond sanding triangle
for diamond sanding triangle and support base with Velcro fastener.
art. no. 381.009

Diamond disk, round

Diamond disk, round, 80 mm for cutting open tile joints and cracks, for repair cutting, etc.
art. no. 281.061   1.6 mm thick
art. no. 281.060   2.6 mm thick

Cutting blades straight and pointed

Cutting blade, straight, for cutting open and removing elastic joint fillers

art. no. 281.015


Cutting blade, pointed, for cutting into and removing joint fillers between
building structures
art. no. 281.011


Diamond segment blade

Diamond segment blade for sanding at corners or obstacles, for cutting open joints and cracks flush with the wall, etc.
art. no. 281.017   2.6 mm thick

Diamond blade, straight, for cleaning and sanding joint edges, etc.
art. no. 281.014   2.6 mm thick