Strip saw for parquet flooring PS 160

for parquet glued with elastic adhesive (solid wood, 2 and 3 layers)

Strip saw for parquet flooring PS 160
  • Saw blade with extremely high
    tool life (approx. 50 times longer than carbide)
  • No need to draw guidelines prior
    to sawing
  • Upright, ergonomic working posture
  • Work almost dust-free
  • Simple, compact operating unit
  • High safety standards
    (dead man's switch, safety lock for dipped blade, strain relief)


Scope of delivery: Saw with 1 PCD blade incl. cable – 15 m, saw depth adjustment and parallel guides

Technical Data
Voltage 230 V
Power 1.5 kW
Speed 7500 rpm
Ø blade 160 mm
Weight 18 kg
Ø suction nozzle 38 mm
Max. cutting depth 20 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.



Parkettstreifensäge in der Anwendung


This saw is the indispensable, perfect partner for the chisel stripper, MSK 900, when removing parquet flooring which has been glued with 1C-PU or 1 C-SMP adhesives. Parquet surfaces are cut into 150 mm wide strips in no time thanks to the PS 160 and its parallel guide on both sides – and without any laborious preparation!


Thanks to the special PCD blade and the infinitely adjustable cutting depth, it is possible to cut through the whole layer of parquet right through to the adhesive. Even if the blade cuts into the upper mineral layer of sub-flooring (filler, screed, etc.) every now and again, this will have little effect on the blade's tool life.


The multi-functional shafted handle is three-dimensionally adjustable and, as a result, can be adapted to cope with any given conditions. The machine is guided, the motor switched on, the saw lowered into position and the safety lock for the dipped blade activated via the shafted handle.


Detailed description of the strip saw for parquet flooring PS 160

Set depth

1. The depth of the saw is infinitely adjustable thanks to the adjustable clamp lever and the eccentric limit stop.





Parallel guides

2. Parallel guides


a) in the raised position they serve as the wall contact for the first cut


b) if both toggle levers are turned 180° the ruled guide rails can be lowered into the previous incision so that the next cut will be exactly parallel to the one before.











Multifunctional shaftet handle

3. Details on the multi-functional shafted handle – all within easy reach:

– safety lock and engaging lever (dead man's switch)

– button for controlling the gas pressure spring when lowering and raising the saw blade

– cable strain relief

Mounting saw blade

4. The lid on the dust extraction hood which is integrated into the chassis is folded back in order to mount the saw blade.

Special PCD blade

5. Special PCD blade

Maneuvre on rear wheels

6. To manoeuvre the machine, simply tip it back until it is resting on the rear wheels