Wet polishing system STP

Comprising a NPM 125 wet polishing machine (in a systainer)
and a wet vacuum cleaner with fitted tank

Nasspoliersystem STP
Technical Data
Vacuum Cleaner NPM 125
Motor Bypass motor Motor Universal motor
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Power 1200 Watt Power 1200 Watt
Suction power 353 Watt Speed 900 - 2500 rpm
Max. air flow 60 l/sec Weight 5 kg
Capacity 25 l Tool Ø 125 mm
Height 79 cm    
Weight 12 kg    
Subject to technical changes without notice.

The appeal of this solution lies in its simplicity:

  • No splashing
  • Grinding results immediately visible
  • The operator has only one machine to deal with (cleaner + piggy-back tank). All connecting parts such as water supply, electric cable and extractor hose are bound together.


The easy-to-handle wet vacuum cleaner carries the 15 litre tank piggy-back and is equipped with a socket to which the NPM 125 hand-held polishing machine can be connected.

The tank is locked into place over the handle on top of the cleaner and is thus pulled along behind the grinding machine. Due to the tank's position high up on top of the cleaner, water can be supplied through the hose without the use of pressure.


The connected vacuum cleaner extracts the grime created by the NPM 125 immediately. The dust extraction hood is well-sealed thanks to the brush ring which is adjustable in height. As a result it is not necessary to mask walls (splash protection).

The NPM 125 hand-held polishing machine is supplied in a systainer, and is also available without the vacuum cleaner. At 1200 watts its power is convincing and the machine can be equipped with either a Velcro covered base plate for resin bonded diamond Velcro polishing discs (available in 30 - 10000 mesh) or with diamond cup wheels Ø 125 mm.