Hand-held grinder HSM 6500 vac

Diamond grinder with ingenious turbine technology

Hand-held grinder HSM 6500 vac
Technical Data
Power 2200 Watt
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Speed 6,600 rpm
Weight approx. 8.5 kg
Degree of protection Class II
Ø tool 175 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.

The appeal of this fast, easy-to-handle power tool lies in a number of advan­tages including the design of its diamond cup wheel. Furthermore, the motor has more than enough power in reserve.

The dust extraction hood is designed in such a way as to allow up-to-the-edge finishing and to accelerate dust extrac­tion. When used with a suitable industrial dust extractor, the dust which remains on the floor is reduced to a minimum and the tool life of the dia­mond grinding segments is increased.

The brush ring with special abrasion-resistant bristles can be adjusted to the height of the tool using a quick-release fastener.

  • Dust-free, fast work thanks to ingenious turbine technology
  • Maximum speed (6,600 rpm) for both efficient surface removal and the highest possible tool life
  • Up-to-the-edge operation
  • Supplied in a practical systainer (stackable transport case system)
  • Diverse range of tools for various jobs

Hand-held grinder HSM 6500 vac: Systainer

Scope of delivery: Machine complete with diamond cup wheel vac, dust extraction outlet, assembly tools
Part no. 023.410
All supplied in a systainer.

Tools and accessories HSM 6500 vac

PCD cup-wheel DFT-175, black

PCD cup-wheel
DFT-175, BLACK, Part no. 220.400

with 6 PCD-segments, for the removal of all stubborn adhesives (PU, bitumen, synthetic resin, dispersion adhesive, tile and powder adhesive), filler, felt paper, plaster

PCD ring wearing part
DFR-175 BLACK, Part no. 220.410

PCD cup-wheel sharp DFT-175-S, red

PCD cup-wheel SHARP
DFT-175-S, RED, Part no. 220.401

with 6 peaked PCD segments for the removal of fibrous web backing, coatings, thin PVC surfaces

PCD ring wearing part
DFR-175 S RED, Part no. 220.411

Diamant-Frästopf DFT-175-12 orange

PCD cup-wheel
DFT-175-12 ORANGE, Part no. 223.405

with 12 PCD for the removal of thin layers of adhesive or filler, as well as paint and road markings

PCD ring wearing part
DFR-175-12 ORANGE, Part no. 223.413

DIAMOND-cup wheel Standard Vac DT-175-VAC, gold

DIAMOND-cup wheel Standard Vac
DT-175-VAC, GOLD, universal
Part no. 223.274

with turbine head tech­no­logy, for concrete, industrial screed, standard coatings, filler


DIAMANT-Raspeltopf DRT-175, BRAUN

DIAMOND-rasping cup wheel DRT-175, BROWN
Part no. 123.536

for removing thin layers of adhesive, for removing layers of paint, keying and removing coatings, such as acrylic, epoxy, PU etc. No damage of the ground.

DIAMOND-cup wheel Standard Vac DT-175 VAC, blue

DIAMOND-cup wheel Standard Vac DT-175 VAC, BLUE, special
Part no. 223.264

with turbine head tech­no­logy, for abrasive sub-flooring such as screed, lime sandstone, non-skid sand coatings, for levelling rough surfaces

Replacement-brush ring complete

Replacement-brush ring complete
Part no. 323.107

Replacement-brush ring segment
Part no. 323.105

Diamond-cup wheel Standard Vac DT-175 VAC, green

DIAMOND-cup wheel Standard Vac DT-175-VAC, GREEN, special
Part no. 223.240

with turbine-head tech­no­logy, for hard screed or concrete


... the ideal partner for dust extraction: RONDA Danish industrial dust extractor approved for dust class H, various models available.

Diamant-Schleiftopf TURBO grün

DIAMOND-cup wheel TURBO GREEN for extremly hard concrete
Part no. 223.241

Grain 16/20 for grinding of extremly hard materials such as screed/concrete with floor hardeners, natural stone, stoneware
Part no. 223.242

Grain 30/40 coarse sanding
Part no. 223.243

Grain 60/80 medium sanding
Part no. 223.244

Grain 120/140 fine sanding