Detail grinder ES 50

ES 50 Detail Grinder at work
Technical data
Voltage 230 Volt
Power consumption 450 W
Speed, controllable 0 - 2.400 rpm
Protection class II
Weight 2,5 kg
Ø Tools 50 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.

ES 50 im Transportsystainer
Scope of delivery for ES 50
Part no. 023.600

Machine with universal diamond grinding cup wheel, dust extraction guard, assembly tools, complete with systainer for transportation.

The ES 50 is an easy-to-use detail grinder with a grinding plate, dust extraction guard (38 mm Ø connection) and a Soft-Vib handle.

As a result, work (milling, grinding, polishing) on corners, at an angle and on small surfaces is easy und dust-free.

Available tools:

  • Diamond cup wheel Ø 50, coarse and medium
  • PCD cup wheel tool
  • Velcro-backed base plate
  • Diamond polishing tool Ø 50, 60 - 3.000 mesh
  • Sandpaper, Ø 50


Thanks to a brush segment ring that is adjustable in height, you can carry out up-to-the edge work and adjust the brush seal to the tool perfectly. An infinitely adjustable speed control allows the machine to adapt perfectly to the material you are grinding.


Tools and accessories ES 50

Diamond grinding cup wheel, coarse, Ø 50 mm

1a. Diamond grinding cup wheel, coarse, Ø 50 mm
M14, sintered
Part no. 223.611
For keying and stripping mineral, general building materials (concrete, screeds, coatings, etc.)

1b. Diamond grinding cup wheel, medium, Ø 50 mm
M14, sintered
Part no. 223.612
For precision grinding of mineral, general building materials

PCD cup wheel PCD Ø 50 mm

2. PCD cup wheel, PCD, Ø 50 mm
M14, with 6 PCD
Part no. 223.610

For removing screed (8 mm grain), filler, adhesives, coatings, seals, wood, etc.

Velcro-backed base plate, Ø 50 mm

3. Velcro-backed base plate, Ø 50 mm
with Velcro protector
For mounting the diamond grinding pad and sandpaper Part no. 123.602

4. Velcro protector, Ø 50 mm
Part no. 323.627

Tool fixture and copper ring

5. Tool fixture
M14 with copper ring
Part no. 123.601

6. Copper ring
Part no. 323.620

Brush segment ring with knurled clamp screw

7. Brush segment ring
with guide and sealing brush
Part no. 323.624

8. Knurled clamp screw
Part no. 323.623

Diamond grinding pad Ø 50 mm

9. Diamond grinding pad, Ø 50 mm galvanic bonded, with Velcro

Part no. 223.620 G 60
Part no. 223.621 G 120
Part no. 223.622 G 200
Part no. 223.623 G 400

PU 1, Others available on request.
For grinding and polishing mineral materials (concrete, filler, screed, etc.)

Sandpaper alumina zirconia with Velcro

10. Sandpaper, Ø 50 mm
alumina zirconia with Velcro

Part no. 223.617 G 40
Part no. 223.613 G 60
Part no. 223.614 G 80
Part no. 223.615 G 100
Part no. 223.616 G 120

PU 25, Others available on request.
For sanding/grinding wood, iron and non-ferrous metals

Schleifpapier mit Klett Ø 50 mm Siliziumkarbid

11. Sandpaper, Ø 50 mm
silicon carbide with Velcro

Part no. 223.631 G 24
Part no. 223.632 G 40
Part no. 223.633 G 60
Part no. 223.634 G 80
Part no. 223.635 G 100

PU 25, Others available on request.
For sanding/grinding wood, concrete filler, screed and mineral materials