Diamond Grinder HPM 3200

HPM 3200 Diamond grinder
Technical details
Voltage 230 V
Power 1.200 Watt
Speed 600-3.200 min-1
Protection class II
Weight ca. 6,1 kg
Tool Ø 175 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.


Diamantschleifer HPM 3200 Systainer

Scope of delivery: Machine complete with base plate Velcro® Ø 175 mm. All supplied in a transport systainer.
Part no. 024.410

The HPM 3200 is a dry grinder and polisher for design and industrial floors made of concrete, screed and mineral coatings. It is especially suitable for small surfaces and edge work.

The machine is equipped with an adjustable speed motor, an antivibration handle and a dust extraction hood. The brush ring with a removable segment is adjustable in height.
A pleasant partner for a shiny appearance.

Tools and accessories diamond grinder HPM 3200

Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-VAC, blue

1. Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-VAC-BLUE ('Abrasive')
Part no. 223.264
for abrasive grounds like screeds, lime sandstone, non-skid sand coatings, rough surfaces

Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-MBT-A

5. Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-MBT-A (double-row, blue)
Part no. 220.210
for abrasive materials, screeds, rough surfaces, soft grounds.

Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-VAC gold

2. Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-VAC-GOLD ('Concrete')
Part no. 223.274
universal, for concrete, industrial screeds, standard coatings, filler


Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-MBT-C gold

6. Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-MBT-C (double-row, gold)
Part no. 220.220
for concrete, hard screeds, tiles, filler, coatings

 Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-VAC-GREEN

3. Diamond grinding cup wheel DT-175-VAC-GREEN ('Granite')
Part no. 223.240
for hard concrete and screeds

Base plate Velcro 175 mm

7. Base plate Velcro® Ø 175 mm
Part no. 123.600

to hook on the Velcro®-backed diamond grinding rings DRR7 and MRR7

Diamond grinding cup wheel

4. Diamond grinding cup wheel
for extremely hard materials

DT-175-TURBO-30/40 (green)
Part no. 223.242
Grain 30/40, coarse grinding
DT-175-TURBO-60/80 (green)
Part no. 223.243
Grain 60/80, medium grinding
DT-175-TURBO-120/140 (green)
Part no. 223.244
Grain 120/140, fine grinding

DT-175-TURBO-16/20 (green)
Part no. 223.241
Grain 16/20, for removing thin layers of adhesives, paint, filler from hard grounds

Diamond grinding ring MRR7 180 mm

8. Diamond grinding ring MRR7 Ø 180 mm, flexible, metal dots


Part no.
Mesh  30 grey
224.411 Mesh  60 green
Mesh 150 black
224.413 Mesh 300 yellow

for dry grinding and polishing of concrete, screed, Terrazzo, mineral coating etc.

Diamond grinding ring DRR 7, 180 mm

9. Diamond grinding ring DRR7 Ø 180 mm, flexible, resin segments

Part no.

223.601 Mesh 100 black
223.602 Mesh 200 red
Mesh 400 yellow
223.604 Mesh 800 white

for dry grinding and polishing of concrete, screed, Terrazzo, mineral coating etc.

Spare parts

Ersatz Trägerteller Klett 175 mm

10. Replacement Velcro®
Ø 175 mm
Part no. 324.401

Ersatz-Bürstenring komplett

11. Replacement brush ring
Ø 178 mm
Part no. 323.107

12. Replacement removable segment
Part no. 323.105