Cordless planing machine for edgework RHG 300

Akku-Randglättmaschine RHG 300
Technical Data
Hammer driver drill:
Makita BHP 454
Speed: lower speed infinitely variable up to 400 rpm
Hammer mechanism: at lower speed up to 6,000 blows
Lithium-ion battery: 3.0 Ah/18 V
Charging time: 20 minutes
Ø tool: 300 mm
Subject to technical changes without notice.



  • Synthetic disk for compacting screed and concrete
  • Planing disk with metal planing blades
  • Special free-wheel function
  • Robust hammer driver drill with solid metal planetary gearing, two batteries and quick-release chuck
  • Case for transportation

In order to achieve an even, smooth and uniform surface, it is just as important to compact and plane the edges of screed flooring with a machine as it is to treat the rest of the surface and this tool is perfect for that very job. The charging time and the operation time are co-ordinated such that you can work almost without interruption when both batteries are used alternately.


Tools and accessories RHG 300

Synthetic planing disk

Synthetic planing disk Ø 300 mm for planing and compacting screed

Akku-Randglättmaschine RHG 300: Anwendung

Bladed planing disk 16°

Bladed planing disk Ø 300 mm, sharp-angled, with 5 steel planing trowels (16°) for pre-planing surfaces

Coupling for the planing diskCoupling
for the tool disk

Bladed planing disk 20°

Bladed planing disk Ø 300 mm, wide-angled, with 5 steel planing trowels (20°) for smoothing the surface of finished floors (concrete, screed)