Planing and grinding machine EFS 350 G/EL

(formerly: EFS 180 E without chassis)

Planing and grinding machine EFS 180 E

The advantages

  • Automatic start interlock to prevent the machine being switched on unintentionally
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Double strain relief, 15 m tear-resistant cable
  • Clamp lever for infinitely adjustable guide handle
  • Maintenance-free, long-life belt drive



The universal standard machine EFS 180 E without a chassis is suitable for planing a whole range of mortar surfaces.

Technical Data
Power 1,5 kW
Speed 60 - 180 rpm, infinitely variable
Weight 22,5 kg (without accessories)
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz AC
Protection Class I appliance according to VDE
Ø machine 430 mm
Ø tool 400 - 600 mm
Height gear unit 100 mm
motor 220 mm
Scope of delivery: Machine complete with guide handle, 15 m tear-resistant safety cable, start interlock
Subject to technical changes without notice.

Depending on the tool used this machine is suitable for compacting and planing screeds, for planing epoxy resin mortar and for applying sand or other floor hardeners. Brushes, milling or grinding discs can also be mounted as required.


Tools and accessories EFS 180 E without chassis

Grinding plate with flexible base

Grinding plate Ø 400 mm with flexible base for double-sided sand paper and carbide grinding discs

Grinding ring, grit 16

Grinding ring, grit 16, Ø 400 mm: for grinding coarse screed and concrete surfaces

Flat wire steel brush

Flat wire steel brush (oil hardened) Ø 400 mm: for cleaning concrete floors and paving stones, for applying primer

Steel planing disc Ø 600 mm

Steel planing disc Ø 600 mm: for compacting, planing and levelling screed, concrete, etc.

Plastic planing disc Ø 600 mm

Plastic planing disc Ø 600 mm: for compacting and planing epoxy resin screed and light- coloured mineral screeds

Planing disc Ø 600 mm

Planing disc Ø 600 mm, with 8 hardened steel trowels

Trowel disc Ø 600 mm

Trowel disc Ø 600 mm: with metal or plastic blades for planing anhydride and cemen-titious screeds and concrete.

Wooden based grinding disc

Wooden based grinding disc Ø 400 mm for rubbing poured asphalt


Diamond drive plate

Diamond drive plate, buffered, Ø 400 mm, for various tools, e.g. with 3double-rowed diamond cup wheels, Ø 125 mm, for keying concrete, screed, etc.